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Commercial Litigation

A litigator takes simple things, and makes them complex.

A trial lawyer takes complex things, and makes them simple.

At Cohen|Ruiz our litigators are trial lawyers who strive to present our clients’ cases in a concise and understandable manner to judges and juries.

We analyze each case on an individual basis.  From the outset, we work with the client to investigate the facts and the law BEFORE proceeding with the case. This approach allows us to formulate a viable strategy for prosecuting or defending the case with as few surprises as possible.  With an initial strategy in place, we move swiftly to conduct the discovery and establish the evidence that we need in order to support a pretrial dispositive motion and avoid a long trial.

We are proud that a large number of our cases are resolved in favor of our clients by way of pre-trial dispositive motions.  This is the result of our proactive approach and constant review of strategy as a case progresses.  This goal of pretrial resolution is paramount in that we recognize that if your dispute “goes to trial,” you have, in certain regards, already lost. You have lost in time, money and distraction. While your adversary needs to know that you and your counsel are prepared to take it the distance, the “show” is never our goal.

On those occasions when a dispositive motion is not granted, our lawyers have substantial experience handling both jury and bench trials.  Your position will be zealously represented and throughout the entire process, the lawyers at Cohen|Ruiz will remain mindful of how important the litigation matter is to you.

Communication is of the utmost importance.  We invite an open and frank dialogue between you and the lawyers at Cohen|Ruiz.  It is vitally important that we thoroughly understand your issues as well as your goals.  We strive to provide legal advice based not only on a deep and thorough understanding of the facts and law, but also with respect to the practical and business considerations affecting our clients.

Client communication does not end with the initial consultation.  To the contrary, at Cohen|Ruiz our goal is to continue to keep clients continually informed.  Our lawyers do not wait for a call from a client inquiring about their matter.  We communicate with our clients as events unfold.

The litigation process can be expensive.  However, at Cohen|Ruiz we strive to handle client matters efficiently, both in terms of cost and time. We are mindful that the attorneys’ fees and costs charged to a client should be commensurate with the matter being handled.

Let us assist in taking your issue and making it simple.